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Professional Chimney Cleaning Services

chimney cleaning longview txWood-burning fireplaces look great, feel great, and smell great; but all of that greatness comes at a price: chimney maintenance. Maintenance that you very likely lack the equipment and know-how to do yourself. To continue enjoying your wood-burning fireplace for many years to come, you’ll need to hire a fireplace services professional to get in there and knock the build-up out of the chimney. But you want a professional you can trust with the job, not someone who might charge a fortune and not give you the most thorough chimney cleaning in the Longview area possible.

With Fireplaces & Stuff, you’ll be getting the best chimney cleaning service possible. With over thirty years installing and servicing fireplaces and chimneys in Texas, we have the experience to give you the best chimney cleaning possible. And with our dedication to providing top-quality service at affordable prices, you won’t go broke just to enjoy the benefits of a clean chimney!

And speaking of benefits - what ARE the benefits of routine, professional chimney cleaning? What do you get out of having your chimney swept? Well, for starters:

A Clean Chimney is a Safe Chimney

Over time, a material called creosote builds up in your chimney. Creosote and other buildups in your chimney can begin to encroach on the space in your chimney, and this buildup can create a serious safety issue since these encroaching materials can catch on fire within your chimney! If this happens -- well, that’s a problem. A big one. Don’t let a big problem hit you when you’re just trying to enjoy a cozy fire. Just schedule a chimney cleaning with a Fireplaces & Stuff expert! We’ll knock all the buildup off of your chimney so that chestnuts will be the only thing roasting on your open fire!

A Clean Chimney is More Efficient

It is very likely that a dirty chimney inspired Otto Harbach to write “Smoke Gets in Your Eyes.” If your chimney is clogged with all manners of nastiness, smoke won’t be able to reach and escape through the top of it as quickly as it accumulates. That leaves only one other place for the accumulated smoke to exit: right into your home. If smoke gets in your eyes when you make a fire, then it’s time to schedule a chimney cleaning. A cleaning will knock out all the blockage, giving smoke a straight shot out of your chimney and your home!

For professional chimney cleaning in Longview, TX and the surrounding areas, call Fireplaces & Stuff at 903-295-3900 or complete our online request form.

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