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Benefits of a Chimney Cleaning

chimney cleaning longview txIf you have a wood-burning fireplace, then your chimney is subject to some serious mess over time. The process of burning wood causes material known as “creosote” to build up in your chimney, and over time, this creosote can build up enough that it becomes a hazard.

This hazard can pose some serious threats if left untreated. To treat it, you need a chimney cleaning. Yes, a chimney cleaning is more than something that Mary Poppins’ friend did between songs. And it is an important process for the life of your chimney and, of course, for your safety.

Here are three of the major benefits of chimney cleaning for Longview area homeowners:

1 - Your Chimney Will Work More Efficiently

Think of your chimney as a tunnel, smoke as cars driving through the tunnel, and creosote as WAY too many extra cars just sitting in the tunnel. If this were a real-life situation, then none of the cars that were trying to go anywhere would get there because of the extras. Consequently, the tunnel would find itself holding more cars than would need to get through it.

Unlike the tunnel metaphor, smoke won’t just sit in the tunnel waiting for hours until it can get to the end. Smoke faces the problems of filling a chimney CONSTANTLY as a fire roars, so it can’t wait patiently to get out the other side. It needs to get out one way or the other, and unfortunately, “the other” is right into your home.

As this example illustrates, an unclean chimney will function inefficiently, filling your house and lungs with nasty smoke. If you notice that your home becomes filled with smoke during a fire, then you need to go ahead and schedule a chimney cleaning to get the traffic moving in your chimney again.

2 - You’ll Be Aware of Problems with Your Chimney

If you schedule a good, thorough chimney cleaning, then you’ll be getting two things: a good, thorough cleaning and a good, thorough inspection.

While your chimney sweep is knocking the creosote out of your chimney, they’ll also be LOOKING at everything. After all, one can’t clean blind. Thus, they are able to spot any issues with your chimney as they clean: cracks, mold, etc. This is great news for you since you’ll be getting the benefit of a clean chimney AND the peace of mind of not worrying about what could be developing inside your chimney.

Maybe a little smoke isn’t enough reason for you to schedule a chimney cleaning, but the structural integrity of your chimney must be. After all, your safety is pinnacle. That’s why you should consider a chimney cleaning above all else since the greatest benefit for getting a chimney cleaning is that . . .

3 - An Unclean Chimney Could Catch on Fire

Creosote isn’t just traffic that forces smoke back into your home. It’s also combustible! If enough of it builds up in your chimney, it could combust when a fire is sending heat toward it. It goes without saying that if a fire develops INSIDE your chimney -- well, you’ll be in a bad situation. A situation which could be avoided with a regular cleaning.

Creosote is a little thing that can grow into a great, big problem over time as it blocks your chimney more and more. Don’t breathe smoke. Don’t just wonder about the state of your chimney. And CERTAINLY don’t wait for it to catch on fire. A roaring fireplace should be one of the most comfortable, coziest things you’ll get to enjoy. Don’t let the potential disasters happen because of a dirty chimney. Schedule a chimney cleaning today, and stop worrying about your chimney tomorrow.

If you want a chimney cleaning, then you can rely on the team at Fireplaces & Stuff to give you nothing but the best cleaning out there! We've been installing and maintaining fireplaces in Longview, TX and the surrounding areas for decades. Just call us today, and schedule your top-quality fireplace and chimney cleaning: 903-295-3900.

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