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Gas Fireplaces vs. Wood-Burning Fireplaces

gas fireplaces longview txWhen winter rolls around, your first concern is how to stay warm. If you decide on a fireplace to satiate that concern, then you have another option, which is between two of the most commonly used materials for fireplaces: gas or wood.

Both fuels have their positive qualities and their downsides. Of course, these qualities are good or bad depending entirely upon your needs! But how do you know what those qualities are so that you can get the best kind of fireplace?

Just read ahead!

Pros of Haivng a Gas Fireplace

Gas is excellent if you are environmentally conscious and also impatient. Gas produces fewer pollutants than burning wood does, and at the same time, you can activate a gas fireplace with the touch of a button. So this setup requires as much prep time as your microwave or overhead lights do.

In addition to these benefits, gas can also save you money in the long run! Gas fireplaces can be outfitted throughout your home or business, allowing you to warm the individual room they’re in rather than the entire house. Thus, you can switch off the central heating unit and heat only the rooms being used, saving you money without wasting any heat!

Cons Involved with Gas Fireplaces

A downside to gas is also financial: It’s expensive to install, especially if you don’t already have gas lines installed. So if you are building a new home, the substantial cost of a gas fireplace might prove to be a negatively deciding factor.

Another downside that’s more pervasive than the startup cost: You get the look of a wood-burning fireplace but not the true ambiance. If you simply NEED the smoky smell and sounds of wood cracking and popping, then don’t look to a gas fireplace. It is made to burn clean, meaning none of the unclean but pleasant results of burning real wood.

Pros to Installing Wood Fireplaces

On the flip side, perhaps wood’s biggest draw is its ambiance. You can’t beat the smell of burning wood and the pops and crackles from the fire on a cold winter night. The scene is too perfect and too cozy to resist!

Fire is also practical in case you live in an area where snowfall tends to disrupt the power to your home. Even without power, you can still light a fire with wood, so even in the worst blizzard, you can stay safe and have a source of light.

Cons of Having a Wood Fireplace

A wood-burning fireplace isn’t for the impatient person. You have to gather wood, store it somewhere dry, prepare the wood when you’re ready to start a fire, stoke the wood to keep it going, and then clean up the ashes after you’re done. If you like to hit a switch for instant results, then gas might be more your speed.

A wood-burning fireplace also requires more maintenance than a gas one does. This means higher annual bills to pay. But they’re necessary bills. A fireplace that goes years without being cleaned poses a high risk for a serious fire to occur within the CHIMNEY. This issue could mean disaster, so the annual checkups and cleanings are a MUST.

The Bottom Line

Once the winter months hit, you have to stay warm one way or the other. If your way is with wood or gas, you can rely on the experts at Fireplaces & Stuff to help you with all of your fireplace needs!

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