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Top Tips For Keeping Your Fireplace Safe

Longview TX fireplaces Above all else, the most important aspect of any project or service for your household is that everything is safe. There is no reason to consider modifying your home at all, if it will put your home at risk or any member of your household in harm’s way.

This includes adding a fireplace, be it wood, gas, or electric. There are plenty of reasons why adding a fireplace is beneficial, such as better energy-efficiency and beauty.

However, it’s only beneficial if it’s also safe. Otherwise, there’s no point adding it.

Keep Your Fireplace Well-Maintained

If you’re going to add a fireplace to your dwelling, you need to be certain you keep things safe. Here are some top tips to help make that possible:

  • Make sure you have smoke and carbon monoxide alarms installed. No matter how safe you make things, it’s better to be safe than sorry. One of these devices could be the very thing that saves your home, or possibly the life of someone in your household.
  • Get service scheduled regularly for chimney inspection and cleaning services. This should happen at least once a year, following the cessation of burning season. Make it a point to only work with a professional and one who has Certified Chimney Sweep credentials.
  • Always clean ash out of the fireplace once it reaches the bottom of the grate. Be sure you wear gloves and a dust mask while doing so, to keep conditions safe. Or, make it even safer by hiring a professionally to take care of cleaning for you.
  • Burn seasoned hardwoods and not “green” soft woods. It’s safer and more effective to burn wood that doesn’t hold any moisture and that’s denser, like maple or oak.

Need to know more? All you have to do is ask.

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