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fireplaces longview txFireplaces are one of the most beautiful utilities you can install in Texas for both homes and businesses. While your water heater and air conditioner might provide necessary services in keeping you comfortable, neither is particularly attractive to look at. A fireplace, however, can warm your home while being a stunning work of art!

There are a number of types of fireplaces to choose from, and they all offer different benefits and drawbacks. And we here at Fireplaces & Stuff have the experience and skills to install whatever setup you might want, so you can rely on us to give you the best and most beautiful fireplace that you could hope for! We also offer a variety of fireplace services and accessories, so you can rely on us from the initial installation to any maintenance needs you may have in the future.

Wood Fireplaces

A wood-burning fireplace is noted for the beautiful ambiance it creates. Any room can be transformed into a cozy and elegant picture out of a Norman Rockwell painting with the presence of wood crackling and burning away the chill.

The look is not all that you’ll get with a wood-burning fireplace: With a large variety of types of wood to choose from, your home will even SMELL elegant in just about any way you could want it to. Indeed, fireplaces create a comfortable and lovely atmosphere in any home. But are there any drawbacks.

Well, it is up to you to procure and store firewood in a safe, dry place to be able to use your fireplace. So with a wood-burning setup, no more cranking the thermostat and letting the power company do the warming for you. Also, these kinds are fireplaces don’t tend to be the most efficient if you’re relying on them to warm your entire house, so unless you want to be cozied up in pretty much one area, a wood-burning fireplace won’t prove to be the most practical option.

If, however, the extra work and limited usefulness don’t bother you, a wood fireplace will prove to be one of the best and best-LOOKING fireplace options out there!

Gas Fireplaces

While it lacks the ambiance of a wood-burning fireplace, a gas fireplace makes up for its slightly less noteworthy aesthetic with its efficiency. Unlike a wood-burning fireplace that you have to fill with wood, light, and keep stoked, a gas fireplace engages at the touch of a button.

In addition to that benefit, gas fireplaces can also warm a larger area than a wood-burning setup can. You can even zone heat if you have multiple units installed throughout your home or business. So if your fireplace’s look isn’t as important as its function, then a gas fireplace might prove to be the choice for you.

If any major drawbacks can be noted about gas fireplaces, it’s the cost of installation. It can cost more than other kinds of fireplaces when it comes time to install, the price occurring because of the gas line that needs to be installed. If that expense doesn’t phase you, then a gas fireplace will prove to be a great, practical addition to your home or business.

Electric Fireplaces

While perhaps not the most aesthetically pleasing option available, electric fireplaces are an excellent option because of their movability. An electric fireplace doesn’t need to be installed into the structure of your home as gas and wood-burning fireplaces do. They simply need to be plugged in! Because of this portability, they can be installed in just about any room!

If all that sounds great to you, then an electric fireplace is perfect for you! Before you decide to go out and get one, just knew a couple of other facts about them: For one, they can increase your electric bill. Basically, they function as space heaters that make pretty images, and this combination takes quite a bit of wattage to work.

Also, because they’re powered by -- what else? -- electricity, if the power goes out, they can’t come on, naturally. This can be a problem if your power goes out because of a winter storm. With the other two fireplace options, you can continue to be warm and have a source of light, but with an electric setup, you’re out of luck if your electric slides on out.

Still, their convenience can’t be matched! If you don’t mind the drawbacks, then an electric fireplace is an excellent way to keep warm anywhere while having something to look at!

The Bottom Line: Call Fireplaces & Stuff for the Best Fireplaces in Longview, TX & the Surrounding Areas

Whether you want a wood-burning, gas, or electric fireplace, you can rely on the experts at Fireplaces & Stuff to handle the installation and upkeep! If this page has helped you decide on a fireplace for your home or business, don’t get cold feet: call us today for a quick, expert fireplace installation! More of the DIY type? Stop by our showroom to view our many in-stock fireplaces in Longview, TX today.

For a quality selection of gas, electric and wood fireplaces in Longview, TX, call Fireplaces & Stuff at 903-295-3900 or complete our online request form.

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