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fireplaces jefferson txSince 1986, Fireplaces & Stuff has been the name to call on for a variety of services for residential fireplaces. From design and installation to repairs and maintenance, we provide only the finest in topnotch service and workmanship.

Adding this type of feature to your home is about implementing beautiful and functional elements, as long as it stays professionally maintained. Fail to do so and instead, you are left with an eyesore that poses a threat if used. Let us take care of the service you need.

Adding an Outdoor Living Space to Your Jefferson Home

Many homeowners are making the smart choice to start enjoying their home, beyond the four interior walls. Adding an outdoor living space, like a kitchen, is a total game-changer.

  • It provides the perfect opportunity for family bonding. Even if your family participates in dinners at home, it usually means one person cooking and the rest showing up to eat it. This creates more of a group participation and changes the dynamics of what mealtime looks like.
  • Or, maybe, its friends you want to bond with. It is difficult to host a get-together when you end up stuck in the kitchen. An open concept like this affords you the ability to play both chef and party host, without missing out on the socializing.
  • It probably also comes as no surprise that this adds to the value of your home. While this may not be your main motivation for adding an outdoor kitchen, it certainly doesn't hurt. Maximize your enjoyment while also maximizing your home's worth.

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