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fireplaces kilgore txEstablished in 1986, we at Fireplaces & Stuff have been providing top-quality services and fireplaces in Kilgore, TX for decades. With over 30 years of experience under our belts, we have the knowledge and skills to provide you with the highest-quality service that you could hope for. Whether your fireplace needs to be installed, replaced, inspected, or just cleaned, you can rely on the experts at Fireplaces & Stuff to give you the best version of that service. And we also sell and install fireplace inserts for those fireplaces that don’t quite warm your home up as much as you need it to. Indeed, you can rely on Fireplaces & Stuff to meet and exceed all of your fireplace needs!

Good fireplaces needs to have two qualities: a beautiful appearance and excellent functionality. Both can be provided thanks to Fireplaces & Stuff’s large showroom (one of the largest in East Texas) and its dedication to excellent service. We don’t scrimp on any of the work we do. We install, clean, sell, and inspect with the highest standards for our work and regard for our customers. With Fireplaces & Stuff, you’ll be getting only the highest-quality work you could ask for -- and at a price you can afford!

Fireplaces in Kilgore, TX

When’s the last time you cleaned your chimney? Was it this year? A few years ago? If you can’t remember the last time you had your chimney cleaned, you need to schedule a cleaning NOW before disaster strikes in the form of a fire igniting in your chimney. If you’re ready for a cleaning, just call the experts at Fireplaces & Stuff. We are experts at cleaning fireplaces. We’re also experts at just about anything else your fireplace needs: an installation, inspection, replacement, etc. If you have ANY fireplace needs, just call the experts at Fireplaces & Stuff: We’ll get you the fireplace of your dreams and help keep it going for many years to come!

Fireplace Inserts in Kilgore, TX

One of the fundamental problems with the open-hearth fireplace design is that it lets out much of the hot air that’s supposed to be warming your room. If you love your fireplace but don’t love its inefficiency, then just install a fireplace insert! These inserts work by directing the heat that might otherwise be lost into your space. Fireplace inserts in Kilgore, TX are certainly handy, money-saving devices, and with an expert at Fireplaces & Stuff, you’ll get a top-quality installation at a price you can afford!

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